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Our team of expert cruise specialist have compiled two fantastic accessible rivercruises in Germamny and the Netherlands, Everything has been arranged down to the last detail so you can enjoy a carefree trip on the river and surprises are limited to just the pleasent ones ! 

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Aangepast vakantieschip MS-Viola voor heerlijke riviercruises

The Rhine  

The Rhine has a total length of 1325 km and flows from Switzerland all the way to the North Sea. Along the way, the Rhine passes through 5 other countries, namely Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Rhine rises at 1602 meters above sea level in the canton of Graubunden in Switzerland. The two mountain streams "Vorderrhein" and "Hinterrhein" come together and form the Rhine. This name comes from the word Rei that literally means flow. Of the 1325 kilometers, only 880 km can be navigated by large ships. More than 200 million tons of goods are transported on the navigable part of the Rhine every year. This makes the Rhine the busiest river in Europe. The Rhine is also an important supplier of drinking water for around 20 million people and has a third function in addition to the logistics function and the drinking water supply, namely the drainage of rain and melt water in its catchment area of ​​approximately 200,000 km2. The part of the 'middle Rhine' that runs through Germany is the most beautiful part of this impressive river. The landscape consists of beautiful vineyards that lie against the mountains and are at an ideal angle to the sun, wooded hills and numerous picturesque villages.


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Heerlijke aangerpaste riviercruises met het aangepaste vakantieschip MS-Viola

The Netherlands and Belgium

Three major rivers 

The Netherlands is in the delta of the 3 major European rivers; The Maas, the Rhine and the Scheldt.  These rivers, as well as their side arms, all drain into the North Sea. In addition to these large rivers, there are other rivers in the Netherlands, some of which flow into the aforementioned rivers and others to the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea


River cruises over the Dutch and Belgian rivers take you, among other things, over the Rhine, Maas and Scheldt, but also over the Waal, the Lek, the IJssel and the various channels that connect the rivers to each other.


Dutch waters

The Dutch waters take you past typical Dutch landscapes, interesting cities and picturesque villages. The 'Land van Maas en Waal' with its historic fortified towns and lots of nature is exceptionally beautiful. The Zaanse Schans or, for example, a visit to Amsterdam. All well worth !


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