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Booking information


We organizing tailor made adapted river cruises in Europe. There is more to it than anyone thinks. Our team of cruise specialists has the expertise to organize your unique wheelchair accessible river cruise to perfection! Service, quality and personal contact always come first.

Before you book

Which trip is suitable for you?


Sometimes participants book a trip that does not really suit them. The journey does not meet expectations and may be physically too intensive. Always read the information carefully. If you have any questions you can ask our cruise specialists.


We will always inform you as fully and professionally as possible about the river cruise before the trip. We always pay a lot of attention to giving the correct information and possible advice on our website. It is then up to the passenger himself or his companion to take good note of this information and to take advantage of it. For any questions, uncertainties or doubts you can always contact us and ask your question. Our team of cruise specialists is happy to serve you.




The MS-Viola is equipped with 34 spacious wheelchair accessible double cabins and 27 standard double cabins. On such a beautiful holiday ship you stay in cabins as hotel rooms. Each cabin is very stylishly furnished and the modern chic interior exudes the atmosphere of a luxury hotel ship.


On which side of the ship should I book my cabin?


There is never a "better" side of a river cruise ship. In one city the ship is moored on the right bank and the starboard cabins are on the quay side and in the other city the ship is moored on the left bank and the port cabins are on the quay side. Not every city is on the same side of the river. It is therefore not the case that your cabin is always or more often on the river side by choosing port or starboard.


The cabins are subdivided into:


Category A - Standard 2-person Cabin - Lower deck (other numbers)

Category B - Custom 2-person Cabin - Main Deck (other numbers).

Category C - Standard 2-person Cabin - Lower deck. (342, 335, 336, 323, 324 - with private bathroom)

Category D - Custom 2-Person Cabin - Main Deck (209, 218, 232 - with private bathroom)

Category E - Standard 2-person cabin for single use - Lower deck (315, 317, 338, 340)

Category F - Adapted double room for single use Main deck (207, 215, 217, 236, 242, 244)


Important dimensions


Cabine door width is 120 cm

Bathroom door width is 88 cm

Toilet height is 52 cm

Bed height: High-low bed - electric


Door width lift is 120 cm

Floor surface lift is 140 x 240 cm



Electric Wheelchair


You can take your own electric wheelchair or mobility scooter on board the MS-Viola, please check the dimensions against the above-mentioned important dimensions and please inform us of the dimensions of your electric wheelchair when booking. Pay attention ! In some cases it may occur that the ship has to moore next to another ship. Also it can happen that the ramp is steeper than usual due to higher or lower water levels. Help is available for this.


Travel time.


The travel time is stated in days. The days of departure and arrival are included, regardless of the departure and arrival times.


Special wishes


When booking you can state your need for care, but also if, for example, it is your birthday during the trip, you can indicate that you want to order a birthday cake.


Special Diet


If you use a special diet, you must specify this when you request a trip. State clearly which diet is involved (Dietary List). Taking care of a diet only applies to the meals served on board. Any additional costs for a diet during, for example, an excursion are not included.


Use of medication


Travelers who take medicines that fall under the Opium Act (such as certain sleeping aids, ADHD medicines and strong painkillers) must be in possession of a medical passport, which contains all the medicines that you use.  


Traveling with these medicines without an explanation is punishable.  


If you use medication, take enough supplies with you. It is wise to bring a prescription of your medication.




It is permitted to bring your own oxygen device with a maximum of 10 liters on board the MS-Viola. You must always inform us of this when booking.



In de door ons genoemde reissom is géén reis-, ongevallen- en bagageverzekering en/of annuleringsverzekering inbegrepen. Het afsluiten van deze verzekeringen is niet verplicht, echter raden wij u dringend aan deze bij uw verzekering (tussenpersoon) af te sluiten.


Non Smoking 


It is not permitted to smoke on board the MS-Viola, smoking is only permitted on the Sundeck if it does not bother your fellow passengers. In many countries within the EU it is prohibited to smoke in public areas of cafés and restaurants.




All reservations are processed in order of arrival. Participants who book early will get a more central cabin than participants who book later. If the registration is (also) for the benefit of other participants, the applicant is (also) fully responsible for the fulfillment of their obligations of all participants registered by him / her.


Minor participants must have the reservation signed by one of the parents or guardians.


Reservation cost


Per booking, Speciaal-Riezen charges € 25 booking fee. For group bookings, € 25 booking fee is charged per (maximum) 9 people.




1. After receipt of the confirmation or invoice, each registered passenger must pay an down payment equal to 30% of the total agreed travel sum.


2. The remainder of the travel sum must be in our possession no later than six weeks before the start of the trip, without you being notified.

In the event of late payment, we are entitled to cancel the booked trip (trips). Money that has already been paid will not be refunded; the cancellation provisions are then fully applicable.


3. When registering within six weeks before the start of the trip, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately. You cannot cancel due to non-payment / payment of your down payment or residual payment. Always give a cancellation in writing (e-mail).


4. If the agreement contains non-refundable travel elements, the non-refundable travel elements will be reserved upon receipt of the deposit. Any surcharges between the time of booking and receipt of the deposit will be charged.


5. The traveler who has not met his financial obligations at the time specified by us is legally in default. The consequences are stated in our General Conditions, which apply to the agreement.



Personal information


Our General Conditions require that you provide personal information when booking that is or may be important for the correct execution of the trip. This provision not only concerns an intellectual or physical disability, but also other capacities that may be important for the traveler himself or for the group when carrying out the trip.



Exclusion and liability


1. If it appears that a participant has failed or has withheld information when booking the trip that is necessary to be able to assess whether participation in our river cruise is possible, exclusion may result. All resulting costs are for his/her account. The participant concerned is then not entitled to a refund of the travel sum or part thereof.


2. It is unfortunately not possible for us to accept any liability for damage or injury caused to the participant (s), regardless of the cause of this damage or injury. Nor are we liable for the loss, theft or damage of property, including money. All this does not, however, affect the liability of the transport company and the hotelier according to the treaty and/or law.





Travel documents


The travel documents will be sent to the participant no later than 10 days before departure.


Passport or ID-card


The legal identification obligation applies to all travelers: a valid passport or identity card must be able to be shown. You are responsible for having the correct travel documents. If, due to incorrect travel documents, you cannot board and therefore cannot start the journey, this is your deductible, without the right to a refund. Check yourself at least four weeks before departure which requirements your travel document must meet. We cannot include this information due to changes that may occur therein.




For many of our passengers the question travels: "Can a holiday ship take my passport and make a copy of it?"


We are happy to inform you about this so that you know what you can do best:


“Formally, you are not allowed to hand in your passport, so not even at a hotel or cruise ship. Due to possible passport fraud, hotels and ships are also not allowed to make a copy of the passport. On the other hand, it is a legal requirement in some countries to put a scan of their guests' passports in national databases. So contradictory. You can do this best yourself: make a copy of your passport or identity card on which your citizen service number or passport photo is protected. Also write on the copy that it is a copy, for whom it is intended and the date of issue. "


It often works as follows during embarkation: On board it is customary for passports / identity cards to be taken on embarkation to transfer passport numbers and official names to passenger lists (or to be checked with passenger lists) that are required for (border) checks. Your passport / identity card will be returned as soon as possible after processing.



Price information and sailing schedule


Price subject to change


The prices of the trip are always on request and are based on the data that you provide to us. The quoted prices are per person including any excursions and entrance fees. You can also reserve and pay for optional excursions on board afterwards. For some cruises you can reserve and pay for the excursion package when booking. A minimum number of participants is required for each excursion. The published travel sum does not include insurance and an emergency fund. Personal expenses such as tips and drinks are not included. If price changes occur (for example, oil price changes, exchange rate changes or changes in the VAT percentage), we reserve the right to pass on these.


Cabine for Single use


To meet the wishes of our customers, we made some standard and adapted 2-person cabins available for single use. (Standard cabin 315, 317, 338 and 340 Lower deck and modified cabs 207, 215, 217, 236, 242 and 244 Main deck) A single supplement applies to these cabins only when used. For questions you can consult our cruise specialists


Sailing schedule


We expressly reserve the right to make changes to the sailing schedule if, in the opinion of the shipping company, the captain or his deputy, there are good reasons for this, such as high / low water levels or a change in berth. In short, changes in the sailing schedule and excursion program are reserved for nautical and organizational reasons.


Accessibility Sun deck


On various rivers, such as the Main, Moselle and Rhone, the Sundeck will have to be closed due to the limited clearance at low bridges and / or due to safety regulations. Take into account the possibility that the Sundeck is (temporarily) not accessible.






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