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Care on board.


The Comfort of Special Cruises.


We offer you a carefree adapted cruise, which does not mean that there is no care on board, on the contrary even!


The presence of medical care is unique.


There is a medical team consisting of 1 doctor and 2 nurses 24 hours a day.


Diets & Oxygen


We are happy to take into account special dietary requirements and possibly oxygen use. You can indicate which part is necessary for you on the registration form. This also applies to the use of oxygen.

Dialysis sailing holiday with the MS-Viola or Zonnebloem or Willem Alexander

Dialysis river cruise.


Relax outside your own environment with the certainty of good medical treatment. The MS-Viola is not only unique with the luxury or comfort offered. From today you no longer have to wait until September to take a river cruise in the Netherlands or Germany as a dialysis patient. We offer you the possibility to dialyze at a certified clinic at every berth of the ship all year round.


As soon as the ship moors, your taxi is ready to take you to the dialysis clinic. If necessary with an adapted vehicle. In some clinics, a night of dialysis may be available, so you only need to be dialyzed once during the river cruise.


We work together with various dialysis centers along the various shipping routes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


The different centers use the Fresenius 4008-S dialysis machines.


We work together with:

PHV- Der Dialysepartner Bonn (Germany)

Dialyse Boppard (Germany)

CWZ - Dialyse afdeling (The Netherlands)

Maasstad Ziekenhuis (The Netherlands)

Holiday Dialysis.


We have selected the dialysis centers for, among other things, the availability of holiday dialysis and good accessibility as well as certification of the relevant clinic / hospital.


The MS-Viola is the perfect holiday ship for a wonderful carefree holiday.


Do you want to enjoy a carefree dialysis holiday in a pleasant environment in a responsible way? Our care team is happy to give you more information.

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