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Some history of Ms-Viola


From MS J. Henry Dunant  to  MS-Viola .....


J. Henri Dunant was born in 1828 as the son of a Swiss banker. His father and mother were known as benefactors and fought for social justice, which Henri was introduced to. At a later age, Henri Dunant founded the Red Cross, for which he also received a Nobel Peace Prize.


The Red Cross in the Netherlands introduced a river cruise ship for the first time in 1951 for people who needed special care. Almost naturally the modified accessible holiday ship was given the name of the founder of the Red Cross  -  J. Henry Dunant.


In the course of time several river cruisers with the name J. Henry Dunant sailed over the rivers and 3 to be precise.


The ship has enjoyed a very large name recognition not only in the  Netherlands but also in Belgium and Germany. Due to a change in direction of the spearheads of the Red Cross, the last J. Henry Dunant was divested in 2016. After a year in between, the ship was sold to Germany in 2018. After a very thorough renovation, where nothing has been skipped and many millions of euros further, the adapted holiday ship is ready for the future again.



New name but still the same purpose! 


Although the ship has been completely renewed and has been given the new name MS-Viola, the very first idea to use the ship for people who need special attention has remained!


The MS-Viola will unleash its trusses for the first time officially on June the 3rd  2019 for her Maiden Voyage.

The MS-Viola before as J.Henry Dunant



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